Rise of the Runelords

Festival and Fire

21nd of Rova, 4707 AR

Fireday, 21nd of Rova, 4707 AR

Five years after a fire destroyed the local church in Sandpoint, the town gathers to celebrate The Swallowtail Festival, a celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, and the consecration of the town’s new Cathedral. Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, a man named Cyrdak, and Father Zantus mark the beginning of the celebration with opening speeches before releasing thousands of Swallowtail Butterflies into the air.

Lunch is free at the town’s taverns/inns. The Rusty Dragon serves curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead, The Hagfish serves lobster chowder, and The White Deer serves peppercorn venison. The adventurers, all strangers to one another, enjoy sampling the free meals before playing some festival games.

Many games have been set up in the market square; the most popular include Dragon Racing, The Goblin Hunt, Ogre Stomp, and a Pie Eating Contest. Sadly, the Tug O War contest was not of interest to the adventures, but they were exposed to each other through the other games. Most exciting was the Dragon Racing in which the gnome, Nibs, managed to goad her dragon across the finish line in record speed. It just goes to show how much a small piece of peppercorn venison will go towards victory.

As the sun begins to set, Father Zantus uses a thunderstone to gather the attention of those gathered in the market square. Before he can begin a prayer to consecrate the cathedral, goblins attack the square. The five adventurers bravely come together to fight off the packs of goblins, even with goblin warchanters singing to encourage the goblins. One goblin is captured before the adventurers are forced to rush off to help a local nobleman, who is grateful for their help and requests to meet with them in the near future. After all is said and done, the goblins are defeated and the adventurers are thanked for their heroics by Ameiko Kaijitsu, the innkeeper for the Rusty Dragon, who gifts them a week’s stay at her inn for free.

Funds Gained This Adventure: gp: 72; sp: 7; cp: 2 each (including an equal share to the party fund)

Total Party Funds: gp: 72; sp: 7; cp: 2

Other Loot:

  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Nibs)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Albadar)
  • 36 Arrows (Jade)


Player Character Total XP Earned Total XP
Albadar Runenwell 548 XP 548 XP
Eddard Beestinger 548 XP 548 XP
Jade Celwynvian 548 XP 548 XP
Krolmite 548 XP 548 XP
Nibs Fallowyn 548 XP 548 XP
Volgar Runenwell 166 XP 166 XP


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