Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath

27th of Rova, 4707 AR

Oathday, 27th of Rova, 4707 AR
After speaking with Bethana Corwin, the Sandpoint Heroes head over to the Sandpoint Glassworks to search for Ameiko. When the group arrives at the Glassworks, they find the building curiously silent, even with the black smoke spewing from the chimney. After speaking with the neighbor, a female tending to the lawn of the monetary, the group began peaking through windows (all of which were curtained, though high-pitched giggles and glass breaking could be heard through some) and attempting to break down doors. After an awkward moment with some townsfolk wondering why they were breaking into the business, the group entered the building from two different entrances.

After taking a look through a door, half of the party decided to leave quietly to go find the rest of the party. Neglecting to inform the other members of the goblin threat in that room, the group explored the other sections of the building before confronting the enemies within a room with large furnaces. They quickly killed the goblins, even throwing one into a furnace, then proceeded to the basement.

In the basement, they find Tsuto Kaijitsu when they open a door and are attacked by the half-elf. He is knocked unconscious, tied up, then revived with a potion for interrogation, but the group learns more from his journal that the half-elf. It seems that many of the goblins are being led by a woman that was thought to be dead; the daughter of the Father who died in the Sandpoint fire five years ago. She was responsible for the theft of the Father’s bones, which she sacrificed at Thistletop.

Ameiko is found in a room adjacent to where Tsuto was found, and when she learns of her father’s cruel death at the hands of her half-brother, she becomes stoic and returns to her inn.

Before departing, Ameiko requested that the Heroes of Sandpoint clear out any other goblins or enemies if they could for her. The journal mentions called a quasit living somewhere underground, and a tunnel leading from the basement of the Glassworks to some mysterious catacombs leads to armed combat with wrathspawns, a deformed goblin, and a flying quasit and her minions.

At one point, Edd, having the sudden urge to drink from a concavity of an alter filled with what appeared to be water, sustained injury to his mind and body, causing him to go a little more mad then his usual self. After the defeat of the quasit, Edd threw her body into a pool of translucent lava-looking fluid, causing more wrathspawns to appear. Thankfully, the group was able to destroy the creatures. The group attempted to understand the pool of liquid, but was unable to gain much information. Edd then donned the silk dress and tiara belonging to the quasit and the Sandpoint Heroes returned to town through a secondary entrance to the catacombs.

Father Zantus was recruited to help decipher the pool of lava, Ameiko granted the party with free room and board at the Rusty Dragon for the rest of their lives, and notes were left from Krolmite and Nibs of their departure from town. Nibs shared a riddle with the group which was easily solved, and Nibs donated her recently commissioned boat to the group of heroes.

Funds Gained This Adventure:
376 gp; 1 sp; 6 cp each (Albadar, Edd, Jade, and party fund)
82 gp; 0 sp; 8 cp each (Dargen, Edd, Gryphon, Jade, Vincent, and party fund)

Total Party Funds: 555 gp; 5 sp; 4 cp

Loot Gained This Adventure:

  • +1 Cold Iron Returning Dagger (Dargen)
  • +1 Longsword (Jade)
  • Arrow Magnet (Edd)
  • Bag of Coffee (1/2 lb) (Quinn)
  • Black Silk Gown (25 gp) (Edd)
  • Bottle of wine (Edd)
  • Cold Iron Arrows (Jade)
  • Collapsible Bathtub (Edd)
  • Filter Hood (Quinn)
  • Folding Ladder (Vincent)
  • Masterwork Flute (Quinn)
  • Masterwork Hand Axe (Quinn)
  • Masterwork Thieves’ Tools (Jade)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Jade)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Edd)
  • Saw (Jade)
  • Shovel (Jade)
  • Silver Dagger (Dargen)
  • Silver Earrings (25 gp) (Edd)
  • Tiara (50 gp) (Edd)
  • Tsuto’s Journal (Given to Ameiko)
  • Unholy Water in Waterskin (dose x3) (Quinn)
  • Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (43 charges) (Vincent)

Loot Gained In Past:

  • Arrows (Jade)
  • Iron Bar (Edd)
  • Masterwork Chain Shirt (Volgar)
  • Oil of Light x2 (Albadar)
  • Piton x2 (Edd)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Dargen)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Edd)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Edd)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Albadar)
  • Robe [of Bones, no uses left] (Vincent)
  • Wooden Holy Symbol of Desna (Jade)
  • Pan Flute (Krolmite) sold


Player Character Mount Trick/Purpose Time (in days) Cost
Albadar Runenwell Horse, Light Watch 4/7 21 sp and DC15
Alvard “Gryphon” Stehle Horse, Light Watch 4/7 DC15
Dargen Horse, Light Combat 4/42 20 gp and DC20
Eddard Beestinger Pony none n/a n/a
Jade Celwynvian Horse, Light Watch / Sneak 4/14 DC15/21 sp and DC15
Krolmite Pony Get Help 4/7 DC20
Nibs Fallowyn Pony Entertain 4/7 DC25
Vincent Highwind Horse, Light Track 4/7 DC20
Volgar Runenwell Horse, Light none n/a n/a


Player Character Total XP Earned Total XP
Albadar Runenwell 1760 XP 3433 XP LEVEL UP
Alvard “Gryphon” Stehle 2880 XP 2880 XP
Dargen 2880 XP 2880 XP
Eddard Beestinger 2180 XP 3853 XP LEVEL UP
Jade Celwynvian 2180 XP 3853 XP LEVEL UP
Krolmite 1600 XP 3273 XP quit
Nibs Fallowyn 975 XP 2278 XP quit
Vincent Highwind 2880 XP 2880 XP
Volgar Runenwell 660 XP 1901 XP


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