Rise of the Runelords

Habe's Sanatorium

30th of Neth, 4707 AR

Fireday, 30th of Neth, 4707 AR AR
The Defenders of the Lost Coast wake in the morning and continue on to Habe’s Sanatorium. Upon arrival, they quickly discover a bell in a waiting room that summons Erin Habe, the man who runs The Saintly Haven of Respite. Erin answer’s the door, clearly unhappy to have visitors. When the group requests to speak with one of the patients, Erin rudely tells them to come back at another time because he is busy right now.

Some discussion, and the group remembering they have a letter from the Sheriff, convinces the man to let the group in. He sends an orderly, a lanky man who also happened to have horns and a tail, to go fetch Grayst Sevilla. Jade attempts to follow the orderly, but is asked to remain on the ground floor.

After some small talk with Erin, the orderly returned with Grayst, who had little to say apart from incoherent mumblings about "razors " and “too many teeth” and how “the Skinsaw Man is coming.” When the crazed, ill man finally looked up at the group and saw Jade, his eyes went wide and he began speaking about a message that he had for him from His Lordship.

“The master said that the bodies you are finding are signs and warning, that when he is done, you shall be remembered forever and the Misgivings shall be your throne!” (Abas shared a bit later that the Misgivings is the local name for a rundown and abandoned estate further south – a place called Foxglove Manor.)

Before anyone could really react to this message, the man collapsed. He began rising and shrieking, ripping his arms free from his straightjacket. He lunged right for Jade, intending to kill the one whom his “master” loves more than him. The orderly takes Erin and they run upstairs while the group works to stop Grayst from attacking Jade. They choose to end his life, rather than capture him and return him to his cell.

While most of the group brings the body outside to burn, should he turn into a ghoul and rise again, Blackfang decided to head upstairs, turn invisible and into a smaller creature, and lure a second orderly into opening a locked door by impersonating Erin. The man was clearly confused since Erin and his brother had run by him not too long ago, but he opened the door anyways and found nothing.

Some of the other party members began to ascend the stairs and convinced the man to open the door again, but Blackfang was also attempting to locate Grayst’s cell by opening the little window to a cell, making noise that alerted the orderly of the presence of something. The rest of the group looked on as the orderly began to attack the air.

Padfoot detected evil on the orderly at this time as well and shouted “Kill him, he is evil!” Shockingly, some of the party members began to attack him solely on the fact that Padfoot claimed he was evil.

During the fight, Blackfang managed to fly up into the now-open window of the cell he was looking in before. The patient inside began to panic at something touching him. The first orderly, upon hearing the commotion, descended from the top floor and found his brother dead. Though he tried to avenge his brother, his life was also forfeited.

On the third floor, the group encounters a patient that they have a pleasant conversation with. The group learns from him that Erin is up to no good and that there is another man that he works with. The two were experimenting on Grayst.

Erin is found hiding in a corner in a room on this floor, and after some accusations from some of the party, he managed to bolt under some tables and into a secret door. The door led to a closet in the hall, and Erin was seen fleeing down the hall and stairs.

The group gave chase, though Abas was quick to follow, he was stopped by Pidgit, the wererat they spoke to in the cell earlier. Erin had let him out before running down the stairs. The wererat tries to steal Abas’s weapon from him, managing to succeed. He stairs at the weapon, fascinated, even though Abas is using deadly force on him to get his weapon back. He kills the creature, and descends after his group.

Erin is hiding in his bedroom with the group outside the door attempting to open it when zombies are seen coming up the basement stairs. With them is a man who is clearly using necromancy to control the zombies. An intense battle begins, and though the group defeats the zombies, the wizard gets away. But not before blinding Abas.

Riddle Me This:
What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?
(please do not Google the riddle)

Funds Gained This Adventure:
__ pp; __ gp; __ sp; __ cp (to each inc. party fund)
To be divided back in town/at appropriate time in game.

Total Party Funds: 21 pp; 3612 gp; 723 sp; 284 cp

Loot Gained This Adventure:

  • (I don’t think you guys actually picked up anything this adventure)


Player Character Mount Trick/Purpose Time (in days) Cost Learned
Abas Bull Mastiff Guarding / Track
Dargen Horse, Light Combat 39/42 paid
Jade Horse, Light Watch / Sneak / Throw Rider / Break Out / Get Help
Blackfang Horse, Light
Padfoot Pony Riding (come, heel, stay) / Exclusive
Mack Shadowmist (Horse, Heavy) Combat

[10,000 XP required for 5th level; 15,000 XP required for 6th level]

Player Character Level XP Earned Total XP Notes
Abas 4 500 XP 9290 XP
Dargen 4 500 XP 8752 XP
Jade 5 500 XP 11,242 XP
Blackfang 5 500 XP 10574 XP
Padfoot 4 333 XP 8973 XP
Mack 4 500 XP 8441 XP


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