Rise of the Runelords

Murder Most Foul

29th of Neth, 4707 AR

*_*Oathday, 29th of Neth, 4707 AR*_*
After two months of hanging out in Sandpoint, the Defenders of the Lost Coast and new adventurers are invited to meet with Sheriff Hemlock at the Sandpoint Garrison. The man is grimfaced and sullen, with good reason. A murderer is running around the Sandpoint area, and he needs help to solve the case. He and his guards need to keep the town peace in order to prevent the townsfolk from panicking like when Chopper went on his murder spree five years ago. He asks the group of adventurers to help him by following some leads. He hopes the group can track down the murderer without raising any panic in town.

To make matters worse, a note to Jade was left on the most recent victim; “I do as you command, master” signed Your Lordship. The Sheriff assures him that he is not a suspect, but if word of this were to get out in town, it could be very bad.

The Leads

  1. Ibor Thorn – found bodies; in a holding cell
  2. Ven Vinder – flew into rage when informed of daughter’s death; holding cell
  3. The First Murders – three men; bodies in basement near holding cells
  4. Sandpoint Lumber Mill – latest murders here
  5. The Rune – carved into bodies; consult an expert?

Nothing new is learned from Ibor Thorn at first. He went to work at the Sandpoint Mill where he found his partner, Harker, dead and ripped to pieces. Harker’s girlfriend, Katrine, lay dead on the other end of the building. The group manages to convince him to talk more; Harker was a greedy man who was skimming off the top of sales. The Scarnetti family, who owns the Mill, would not be happy to learn of this. Ibor wouldn’t be surprised if they hired someone to kill him.

Nothing is learned from Ven Vinder. The man seemed to be calmed down from the rage he flew into when he found out about his daughter’s murder, but every question the group asked him seemed to bring the rage right back to the surface.

Next the bodies of the first murder victims are examined. The group learned that a patrol of guards was attacked by a crazed man near an abandoned bar outside town. He was subdued and eventually brought to Habe’s Sanatorium south of town. When the guards checked out the barn, however, they found the bodies of three con men. The bodies lay in the Garrison, covered in claw marks. The Sheriff is willing to give a letter of introduction to go see the crazed man at Habe’s.

At the Mill, footprints were found across the river, in the mud near the pier, and along the pier leading into the Mill. Inside, the bodies Harker and Katrine lay inside left as they were found. A struggle occurred between the killer and Harker, and a particular scent of rotten meat was discovered in the area of struggle and on the body. Harker’s body has been desecrated, ripped to pieces, and a seven-pointed star has been carved into his chest. Claw marks similar to the first victims are found on his body too.

Katrine’s body lays on the south end of the building, and it appears as if she fell or was pushed into the log splitter while it was still running. An axe lays nearby with smears of rotten flesh and bones, the stench overwhelming. Katrine seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but managed to hit the killer with the axe before her gruesome end.

A visit to Brodert Quink, the local authority on Varisian history, reveals some interesting news regarding the seven-pointed star symbol that has been repeatedly discovered by the Defender’s of Sandpoint. As it turns out, Varisia used to be home of Thassilan, an ancient empire from 10,000 years ago. This vast empire was ruled by powerful wizards; the sheer size of monuments left behind are a testimant to their power. Brodert even believes that the Old Light was once a war machine capable of spewing fire from its peak.

The seven-pointed star is a symbol of Thassilon called the Sihedron Rune. It is believed that it signifies the seven virtues of rule (wealth, fertility, honest pride, abundance, eager striving, righteous anger, and rest), but also the seven schools of magic recognized by Thassilon (there are eight now; divination magic was not held in high regard in the past). Brodert believes that its leaders were far from virtuous though, and that the classic mortal sins (greed, lust, pride, gluttony, envy, wrath, and sloth) rose from corruptions of the Thassilonian virtues of rule. The Sihedron Rune was a symbol of power and may have stood for and symbolized the empire itself.

The group decides that the next step is to go see the crazed man at Habe’s Sanatorium. Wasting no time, the group sets out on the journey to the Sanatorium where they encounter a small tribe of goblins and a will-o-wisp, both of which were defeated. The group comes upon the Sanatorium and the end of the day. Will the crazed patient give them any clues as to who the murder is? Will Jade recover his possessions that seem to be going missing? Find out next session of Rise of the Runelords.

Riddle Me This:
The chill of its death,
You may soon mourn.
But though it dies,
It cannot be born.
What am I?
(please do not Google the riddle)

Funds Gained This Adventure:
__ pp; __ gp; __ sp; __ cp (each inc. party fund)
To be divided back in town/at appropriate time in game.

Total Party Funds: 21 pp; 3612 gp; 723 sp; 284 cp

Loot Gained This Adventure:

  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Mack)
  • Potion of Guidance (Mack)
  • Potion of Stabilize (Blackfang)
  • Wand of Charm Person (36 charges, Blackfang)


Player Character Mount Trick/Purpose Time (in days) Cost Learned
Abas Bull Mastiff Guarding / Track
Dargen Horse, Light Combat 38/42 paid
Jade Horse, Light Watch / Sneak / Throw Rider / Break Out / Get Help
Blackfang Horse, Light
Padfoot Pony Riding (come, heel, stay) / Exclusive
Mack Shadowmist (Horse, Heavy) Combat

[10,000 XP required for 5th level; 15,000 XP required for 6th level]

Player Character Level XP Earned Total XP Notes
Abas 4 813 XP 8790 XP
Dargen 4 1220 XP 8252 XP
Jade 5 1220 XP 10,742 XP LVL UP
Blackfang 5 1520 XP 10074 XP LVL UP
Padfoot 4 813 XP 8640 XP
Mack 4 1220 XP 7941 XP


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