Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop (part 1)

1st of Lamashan, 4707 AR

Moonday, 1st of Lamashan, 4707 AR
The group spent the night at the Rusty Dragon Inn after a night of socializing. Edd decided to eat a wooden chess piece, which made everyone again considered if he was fit to fight against the Thistletop goblins.

In the morning, Ameiko, haven’t not fully recovered, gave the group free breakfast that was bland and boring to say the least. Quinn mimed to her that she would like to use the kitchen, and after getting permission, she cooked a health full breakfast for all the people that were in the Inn.

Abas, a local of Sandpoint, decided to approach the group and ask to join them on their adventures. Wary of if this man could be an asset or a liability, the group ultimately decided to let him join their party. Shalelu was also recruited to help out at Thistletop.

Deciding to approach by foot, the Heroes of Sandpoint headed towards Thistletop, with Shalelu leading the way. More than half a day is spent traveling on the road and through the Nettlewood forest. The only issues faced were a lonely dire rat and some poisonous bushes that the group managed to avoid.

The group was able to easily find a goblin trail leading through the forest and decided it would be best to follow it and see where it led. Abas, having brought his donkey and cart, and his canine companion, decided it might be best to have them wait near the forest entrance, rather than slow the group down why squeezing his cart through the trails.

The group eventually comes to a clearing surrounded by briars and thistles that are even thicker here than the rest of the forest. Magic is detected, and half the group heads east to look for a way through. The other half find a hidden door to some tunnels running through the wall of thistles.

Following the tunnels, the half of the group found a large hole in the ground. The other half of the group, eventually reaching the cliff side, headed back and rejoined them around the hole. Seeing something shiny at the bottom of this hole, Edd decided to jump down and cast feather fall on himself. AT the bottom he finds a cave partially submerged in water. What he didn’t expect was to find a creature in the cave. The creature, a disturbing combination of shark and seal with brown fur and a wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, attacks Edd as soon as he sees him.

With the help of some of his companions (who took a lot of damage falling from the rope they were using), they managed to defeat the creature. After spending some time searching a pile of bones, they find some nifty treasure and climb back up to the rest of the group.

Moving on through the thistles, they find four goblin dogs tied to pegs. The dogs try to attack but are unable to reach the group. The group, seeing that they dogs clearly want to rip out their throats, decides to kill them. The noise of the goblin dogs awakens a firepelt cougar sleeping nearby. The feline proves to be nothing more than an annoyance and the group finished him off quickly. After raising the cougar as a zombie, the group splits once again, this time to the north and south.

The group that headed south finds the source of the magic they detected earlier – a goblin druid. The other group finds a rope bridge, and while Edd is able to cross without any problems, the goblin druid uses magic to block the bridge for the others.

Edd continues on into the building atop Thistletop, not realizing that the rest of this group has been held back from following. Those at the rope bridge work away at the thistles and clear a way through before continuing across.

The heroes that found the druid begin a tough battle with him. At one point, the druid easily passes into the thistles and briars, hiding from the heroes in his den. As they leave, he jumps out again to attack. Realizing he isn’t going to win the battle, he attempts to sink into the thistles again, but is hit by Shalelu’s lucky arrow.

Meanwhile, the other group reforms and finds Edd who has managed to stay alive by himself. The explore and manage to not get into any trouble, though Quinn has a close call after opening a door to the throne room where she finds a bunch of goblins.

When the other half of the group rejoins them, they break open a door and find a goblin tied up in a room with some food stuffs, obviously thrown in here in a hurry. When questioned, this goblin turns out to be a paladin of Sarenrae that was traveling to visit Father Zantus in Sandpoint, but was captured by the local goblins and taken to Thistletop. The Heroes of Sandpoint decide to help him out, trusting that he is good, even though he is a goblin.

Quinn, having not been present when the group found the goblin paladin, decided to lure the goblins in the throne room out (or something) by banging on a door and waiting for them to come to her. The noise alerted the rest of her party, who went to another door to see what was happening. Quinn’s plan was a partial success. The goblins inside prepared for an attack instead, as it was unusual for goblins or other welcomed guests to knock on the doors. They were distracted however for when the rest of the group started attacking.

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Although he was without his armor and weapons, the goblin paladin, a goblin named Padfoot, joined in on the fight and helped the Heroes of Sandpoint to take down the Goblin Warchief and his buddies.

Clearly not finished with Thistletop, part of the group stays on the main level to fight some goblin dogs and rescue a beautiful horse, and another part heads down the stairs. Jade descends to the second level very quietly, sneaking as he does… but then proceeds to shout out “Hello,” inviting a bugbear and some female goblins out to play. You have to wonder… Why sneak in the first place?

Jade is joined by others to fend off the bugbear, and in the grueling battle, Edd is knocked unconscious. Though it would make more sense to knock out the rest of his attackers, the bugbear decides to instead finish Edd with a coup de grace, effectively smashing him into the concrete floor, forcing Edd to forever be one with Thistletop. The others manage to destroy the bugbear before he can kill any more of their group.

On the surface level, Padfoot notices that the horse they found has been abused and appears to be hungry. He finds some pickles and wheat that he feeds to the horse, effectively calming the beast. Imagine that, a goblin helping a horse.

After the Death of Edd, and a tough day of fighting, the Heroes and their new companion decide to rest for the evening. Bodies are gathered up and set afire in the open courtyard, and the group locks the doors to the throne room to set up camp.

Will the Heroes make it through Thistletop without losing anyone else? What will they find in the lower levels of the strange island? One thing is for sure; if they want to survive, they’ll need to stick together.


Funds Gained This Adventure:
0 gp; 0 sp; 0 cp (Each)
60 gp (party fund)

Total Party Funds: 615 gp; 5 sp; 4 cp

Loot Gained This Adventure:

  • [to be posted after returning to town after Thistletop]


Player Character Mount Trick/Purpose Time (in days) Cost Learned
Abas Versain Bull Mastiff Guarding 8/28 21 sp and DC20
Dargen Horse, Light Combat 8/42 20 gp and DC20
Eddard Beestinger Pony - - -
Jade Celwynvian Horse, Light Watch / Sneak 8/14 DC15/21 sp and DC15
Kyuu Blackfang none
Merethe “Quinn” Stehle Horse, Light DC15 Watch
Padfoot none
Vincent Highwind Horse, Light 8/7 DC20 Track


Player Character Level XP Earned Total XP Notes
Abas Versain 3 2093 XP 5393 XP
Dargen 3 1396 XP 4998 XP
Eddard Beestinger 3 0 XP 4675 XP DEAD
Jade Celwynvian 3 2093 XP 6668 XP HOLD LVL
Kyuu Blackfang 3 1395 XP 6070 XP HOLD LVL
Merethe “Quinn” Stehle 3 2093 XP 5795 XP
Padfoot 3 5393 XP 5393 XP
Vincent Highwind 3 1396 XP 5098 XP


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