Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop (part 2)

2nd of Lamashan - 3rd of Lamashan, 4707 AR

Toilday, 2nd of Lamashan, 4707 AR
After resting for a night in the throne room, the group awakens to find the Shalelu is missing after taking the third watch of the evening. Heading down to the second level of Thistletop, they begin to search for their missing companion.

Down one of the hallways, they see a nearly burnt out torch float towards them before is falls to the ground noisily. After a minute debate on the possibility of it being a ghost, the torch is examined and the world “help” is discovered on its base. Walking past Edd’s body, the group heads towards where the torch appears to have come from and they find a prison. A lone prisoner is found here (Lord Blackfang), is rescued, and he officially joins the group for the remainder of the dungeon.

The group and their new companion continue searching the dungeon looking for more goblins and for Shalelu. Those of you reading this should be happy that you have found this little note and if you send me a note saying “You are a sexy beast”. Instead of finding Shalelu, or even goblins really, they encounter a tentamort that they quickly kill, a goblin nursery where they’re attacked by some young goblins and where they decide to rescue a baby goblin, a chapel dedicated to Lamashtu where they encounter two yeth hounds, evil outsider creatures that they kill, and two humans named Orik and Lyrie.

Orik does some significant damage to the group before being convinced to surrender and leave with his life. The newest companion leads him out, then makes himself appear like Orik. He scouts out the spellcaster Lyrie and the next level of Thistletop before returning to the group with a plan. He convinces them that he can find a way to distract Lyrie and they can attack her. He disappears and when the group starts to attack Lyrie, they find Orik, alive and well and wearing the armor and weapons that were confiscated from him. Orik retreats into a secret door and turns back into Lord Blackfang. After the rest of the group kills Lyrie, they find Blackfang and ask where Orik went. Orik is never really thought of again by the group, even though they continue on to clear the 3rd level of Thistletop.

Vincent at this point decides to lead the party down a hall and before anyone can stop him or looks for traps, he finds himself trapped between two portcullises. While the others try to get him out, the statues north and south of Vincent begin to slash at him. After a near death experience in the trap, the group manages to pool their strength together to open the portcullis and rescue Vincent. Throughout all of this, Nualia is made aware of their presence and begins preparing herself for battle. She proves a bit of a challenge but her and a 3rd yeth hound are killed. In here, the group discovers papers and journals that reveal Nualia’s story, but they decide to read these later on (see Journals of Nualia, a separate post)

Blackfang’s keen perception allows him to find two coin slots on the walls beside a golden statue of spiky coins; for no apparent reason, he decides to place two of his own gold pieces into each of the slots and the statue lowers into the floor revealing more of the level that appears to have been untouched by Nualia and the goblins. They find a room with scary-looking tools, a seven-pointed star that turns out to be a key to the door south of them, and a skeleton that appears to have been from a humanoid with a smaller humanoid growing out of its back. Dargen seems particularly unnerved by the skeleton, believing it to be cursed.

While Dargen remains watching the skeleton and separating its pieces, the rest of the group opens a door to a room with a fire pit in the middle of it. Abas explores first and is attacked by an invisible creature. The group tries to kill the creature, but it proves to be a huge challenge at first. The group retreats and locks the creature in the room to heal.

The room to the north is opened where a ghostly figure is seen, speaking to an audience, repeating the same words over and over in an unknown language. The figure ignores them as if it were an image and not an actual person or ghost.

Continuing to explore, the group find a crypt of sorts, and are attacked by shadow creatures that weaken the party if they are touched. Non-magical attacks seem to have no effect on them, but they are killed with the help of Jade cheering the party on in a manner that lightens the mood and boosting morale. The group then decides to rest for a night in the crypt, instead of returning to the floor above and using the chambers they found earlier with comfy beds.

Wealday, 3rd of Lamashan, 4707 AR
The group awakens after an uneventful night, and they return to the creature that nearly bested them before in combat. Feeling more confident in their abilities, they are able to rid the world of the beast. Returning to the crypt where a secret door was found the night before, the group follows a corridor to find a pool or water with treasures in it. If you’re still reading this, message me this instead: “You’re a sexy beast, just like Nualia.” A golden helm rises out of the water and the group is attacked by a giant hermit crab that manages to grab Padfoot. After a bit of a struggle, he manages to escape. With some fancy acrobatics and some lucky hits from the group, the crab is killed and the treasure is gathered. The group returns to the surface after a thorough search of the building. Treasure in hand and a beautiful horse in tow, the group rigs the bridge to allow more weight to cross and they enter into the thistles. Here they find a bloodied Quinn who appears dead, a barely conscious Shalelu, and 10 dead goblins. It is easy to deduce that Quinn found Shalelu, and the two managed to kill all the goblins. The group loots Quinn’s body and carries Shalelu back to Abas’s cart in the forest.

Meeting with the Sheriff

Upon returning to town and informing the Sheriff of the outcome of exploring Thistletop (including Nualia’s involvement), the Sheriff greats you warmly and thanks you for your service to the town.

“All of Sandpoint has you to thank for your services, and a large part of the Lost Coast is thankful as well. The locals have begun referring to your group of adventures as the Defenders of the Lost Coast actually.” He laughs before continuing. “This got me thinking that perhaps I should make this an unofficial paid group for Sandpoint. We’ve had Shalelu helping for a while, and she has been wonderful, but she is just one person. Perhaps if we had more adventures around to quell the goblins and subdue any other issues that my town guard is unable to handle, the town will be much safer in the long run.”

He opens a drawer in his desk and retrieves a bundle of small cloth bags and hands one to each of you. “This here is a token of my appreciation for your help recently. It is only 250 gold for each of you, but you deserve so much more. Without you, we would have had many dead at the hands of the goblins and Nualia. It’s a shame that she was involved in all of this; we all thought she died in the Sandpoint fire 5 years ago. And Tsuto too…” He looks off, lost in thought for a moment. “Well, it is over now.” He smiles at the group. “Ameiko has informed me that she intends to allow anyone considered a member of the Defenders of the Lost Coast to stay at and dine in the Rusty Dragon Inn for free. Many of the local businesses are offering discounts as well in thanks to your service.” He hands you a list of notes he has collected from locals while you were at Thistletop.

  • Father Zantus is offering free healing services (though he is limited in his abilities)
  • Maver Kesk, the town Jeweler, is offering to pay 70% of the value for all gems and jewellery you wish to sell (usually he pays a maximum of 50%!)
  • Savah from the Armory is continuing to offer a discount, raising it to 30% off everything she has
  • Nisk Tander of Bottled Solutions is offering 50% off his potions (this is amazing, though he fancies himself more gifted than he really is and his potions may not always do what you expect)
  • The Pillbug Pantry is offering 10% off on all potions and medicines (Nisk offers similar items, but Aliver is more proficient in his trade)
  • Sabyl Sorn of the House of Blue Stones will likely open her extensive library to you if you can show you have good intentions
  • Chask Haladan of the Curious Goblin is willing to let go of his books with a 10% discount, but most of his wares are too pricy so it might be better to ask to read the books on site
  • Cyrdak invites you to all his future shows at the theatre… at full price of course (I suppose this isn’t much of a discount is it…)
  • You get free stabling and feeding of your mounts from Daviren at the Goblin Squash Stables (though if you require a new mount at anytime, he is unable to offer a discount on that)

Funds Gained This Adventure:
21 pp; 2997 gp; 718 sp; 280 cp (party fund and everyone except Justin’s new PC)
2000 gp (Justin’s new PC)

Total Party Funds: 21 pp; 3612 gp; 723 sp; 284 cp

Loot Gained This Adventure:

  • +1 arrows (x3) (Abas)
  • +1 elf bane arrows (x4) (Abas)
  • +1 short sword (Abas)
  • Bar of mithral (1 lb.) (Abas)
  • Horse (Abas)
  • Potion of Jump (x2) (Abas)
  • Potion of Mage Armor (x5) (Abas)
  • Wand of Produce Flame (34 charges) (Abas)
  • Wand of Silent Image (5 charges) (Abas)
  • Handy Haversack Bag (Abas)
  • Potion of Spider Climb (Abas)
  • Ring of Force Shield (Abas)
  • Sihedron medallion (Abas)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (Abas)
  • Rations, trail (x16) (Blackfang)
  • Wand of Magic Missile (38 charges [34 left]) (Blackfang)
  • Wand of Shield (bone, 9 charges [3 left], CL 3rd) (Blackfang)
  • Everburning Torch (Dargen)
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (made from jade) (Jade)
  • Mwk composite [+2] longbow (Jade)
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (Jade)
  • +1 banded mail (Padfoot)
  • Artisan’s tools (Padfoot)
  • Medium wooden chest (Padfoot)
  • Mwk heavy steel shield (Padfoot)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Padfoot)
  • Potion of CLW (x2) (Padfoot)
  • Potion of CMW (x3) (Padfoot)
  • Potion of CLW (x1) (Justin’s new PC)
  • Potion of CMW (x3) (Justin’s new PC)
  • Continual Flame Skull (Justin’s new PC)
  • Grappling hook (Justin’s new PC)
  • Pair of dice (Justin’s new PC)
  • Tent, small (Justin’s new PC)
  • Wine, fine (Justin’s new PC)


Player Character Mount Trick/Purpose Time (in days) Cost Learned
Abas Versain Bull Mastiff Guarding 10/28 +28downtime paid
Dargen Horse, Light Combat 10/42 +28downtime paid
Jade Celwynvian Horse, Light Watch / Sneak 10/14 +28downtime paid
Lord Blackfang none – +28downtime
Padfoot none – +28downtime
Justin’s new PC Horse, Light – +28downtime Track

[10,000 XP required for 5th level]

Player Character Level XP Earned Total XP Notes
Abas Versain 4 2584 XP 7977 XP LVL UP
Dargen 4 2034 XP 7032 XP LVL UP
Jade Celwynvian 4 2584 XP 9252 XP LVL UP
Lord Blackfang 4 2584 XP 8654 XP LVL UP
Padfoot 4 2434 XP 7827 XP LVL UP
Vincent Highwind 4 2434 XP 7532 XP LVL UP & gone
Justin’s new PC 4 6721 XP 6721 XP NEW PC


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