Rise of the Runelords

Walking Scarecrows

30th of Neth - 2nd of Kuthona, 4707 AR

Fireday, 30th of Neth, 4707 AR
The necromancer wizard is left alone for the moment, and the group talks to Erin Habe about what he is doing with his patients. As it turns out, he was studying the crazed man who was sick with ghoul fever. With the tools found on the third floor, it was assumed that he was doing more than just studying. The group chastised the man for not doing what was best for the patient; he could have brought him to town to try and cure him.

After some debating between the group on what to do with Erin, they decided it was best to leave him at the Sanatorium (there were still patients in the building after all) and report to the Sheriff about what the man was doing. Erin attempted to persuade them not to report it, he swore he would stop, but the group thought it was best that someone keep an eye on the man.

The wizard’s basement lair was examined for clues and it was determined that he was not the murderer they sought. In fact, he provided clues to the actual murderer. Jade found a neat looking ring and decided to put it on (and proceeded to age rapidly while wearing it, and even after removing it).

Heading back to Sandpoint, the group encounters the necromancer and a few more zombies. Abas, still blinded, choose to stay back at first, but upon realizing there was still a chance he could help, he jumped right into the fight and managed to land a few blows. Blackfang attempted to stop the necromancer by talking to him, and even stood in the way of Mack’s line of fire, but to no avail. The necromancer would not surrender and he and his zombies were taken down.

Starday, 1st of Kuthona, 4707 AR
Back in town, the group decides to spend a little time off in town. Items are sold, Abas was cure of his blindness, and Jade found a way to remove the aging curse the ring gave him. Unfortunately (for Abas mostly), they were unable to stay in town long. The Sheriff called for the Defenders of the Lost Coast after a man, Farmer Grump, ran into town, mumbling about living scarecrows attacking the farmers.

Though possible that his story was enhanced by alcohol, the Sheriff asks the group to investigate one of the Southern farms owned by the Hambley family. The group sets out to investigate with four of the town guard to help along the way.

Sunday, 2nd of Kuthona, 4707 AR
The group comes upon the Hambley farm late in the evening and decides to camp away from it for the night before continuing on in the morning. Inside the maze of corn stalks, they come across unusual scarecrows… these scarecrows are actually farmers and their families who have been infected with ghoul fever and have been strung up to wait their transformation into an undead ghoul.

They even find living people strung up, close to death, but not yet transformed. Ignoring their own conversation with Erin Habe two days ago about the infected patient, the group murders the infected humans, believing that they are too far gone to help.

At the farmhouse, they find a couple ghouls and a stronger ghast called Rogors inside the house. All though Abas is unlucky again and becomes paralyzed for a few minutes, the group manages to defeat the undead creatues (as well as those found in the barn).

Sadly, they find a murdered man in the house, just like at the murder victim in town at the Mill. This man is not identified by the group, though it is safe to assume that it is the master of the farmlands, Farmer Hambley. The man’s life savings is found in the bedroom (and taken for the group) and a key is found on the ghast, hanging around his neck. A symbol on the key solidifies the groups idea of going to the Misgivings/Foxglove Manor next after a short rest in town.

Twenty-one ghouls and one ghast were defeated on this farm. How many more are out there? What will the group find at Foxglove Manor? Is Aldern Foxglove involved in the recent happenings? Why are some bodies being found dead with the Sihedron Ruin carved into them? And how is Jade involved in all of these happenings?

Find out next time, same Runelord-time, same Runelord-channel!

Riddle Me This:
A man gave one son 10 cents and another son 15 cents. What time is it?
(Please do not Google the riddle… this one is really hard, so if you don’t get it, don’t worry!)

Funds Gained This Adventure:
0 pp; 299 gp; 4 sp; 2 cp (to each inc. party fund)
[last week] 5 pp; 240 gp; 19 sp; 9 cp (to each inc party fund)

Total Party Funds: 0 pp; 4488 gp; 5 sp; 5 cp (converted to gp)

Loot Gained This Adventure:

  • Potion of Jump (50 gp) (Abas)
  • [last week] Bag of Dried Mushrooms (1 gp, 1 lb) (Abas)
  • Scroll of Magic Weapon (25 gp) (Blackfang)
  • Scroll of Fox’s Cunning (150 gp) (Blackfang)
  • Scroll of Urban Grace (25 gp) (Blackfang)
  • Scroll of Flare Burst (apg, 25 gp) (Blackfang)
  • [last week] Wand of Gentle Repose (17 charges) (Blackfang)
  • [last week] Spellbook (Blackfang)
  • [last week] Wand of False Life (29 charges) (Blackfang)
  • [last week] Wand of Identify (15 charges) (Blackfang)
  • Potion of Virtue (25 gp) (Jade)
  • Potion of Stabilize (25 gp) (Jade)
  • Potion of Virtue (25 gp) (Jade)
  • Potion of Protection from Law (50 gp) (Jade)
  • Rusted Iron Key (Jade)
  • Iron Key on Leather Cord (Foxglove Family Crest) (Jade)
  • [last week] Ring of Sustenance cursed with Curse of the Ages (Jade)
  • [last week] Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Jade)
  • [last week] Potion of Gaseous Form (Jade)
  • Potion of Keen Senses (apg, 50 gp) (Mack)
  • [last week] Potion of Resistance (25 gp) (Mack)
  • [last week] Potion of Guidance (25 gp) (Mack)
  • [last week] Wool Cloak (5 sp, 3 lb) (Mack)
  • Potion of Shield of Faith (50 gp) (Padfoot)
  • Potion of Enlarge Person (50 gp) (Padfoot)
  • Potion of Shield of Faith (50 gp) (Padfoot)
  • [last week] Potion of Cure Light Wounds (Padfoot)
  • [last week] Key Ring (found on necromancer) (Padfoot)

UNCLAIMED LOOT (someone must claim it):

  • Potion of Protection from Chaos (50 gp)
  • Potion of Resistance (25 gp)
  • Potion of Endure Elements (50 gp)
  • Potion of Remove Fear (50 gp)
  • Oil of Light (25 gp) x2
  • Oil of Magic Weapon (50 gp)
  • Oil of Mage Armor (50 gp)
  • Oil of Sanctify Corpse (50 gp)
  • Oil of Erase (50 gp)

Current Missing Items:

  • Blanket (Jade)
  • Fishing Net (Jade)
  • 2 Whetstone (Jade)
  • Net 10×10 (Dargen)
  • Bar of Mithril (Abas)
  • Bag of Tobacco (Mack)
  • Wooden Pipe (Mack)
  • Bone Wand (Blackfang)
  • Artisans Tools (Padfoot)


Player Character Mount Trick/Purpose Time (in days) Cost Learned
Abas Bull Mastiff Guarding / Track
Dargen Horse, Light paid Combat
Jade Horse, Light Watch / Sneak / Throw Rider / Break Out / Get Help
Blackfang Horse, Light
Padfoot Pony Riding (come, heel, stay) / Exclusive
Mack Shadowmist (Horse, Heavy) Combat

[10,000 XP required for 5th level; 15,000 XP required for 6th level]

Player Character Level XP Earned Total XP Notes
Abas 5 1833 XP 11,123 XP LVL UP
Dargen 4 611 XP 9,363 XP quit :(
Jade 5 1833 XP 13,075XP
Blackfang 5 1833 XP 12,407 XP
Padfoot 4 833 XP 9,806 XP
Mack 5 1833 XP 10,274 XP LVL UP


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